Wednesday, December 18, 2013

French Sculpture 2

The Quarantine by Marc Petit (Clay)

Marc Petit made ​​his first sculptures at the age of 14 in Cahors, where he spent his childhood.
Then he met two sculptors, students of the Fine Arts in Paris, who regularly corrected his work. René Fournier taught him the basics of modelling and transmitted him the teaching of Marcel Gimond. Jean Lorquin, Grand Prix de Rome in 1949, brought him his vision, his knowledge, but also a true reflection about sculpture.
He now lives in Haute-Vienne, near Limoges.

 "The ontology by Marc Petit is that of life itself, of every life, as anonymous as it can be. In modelling, he visits us in many ways, he shows the viewer endless possibilities: our shortcomings, our mistakes, our failures but also successesHis work is neither sad nor violent. It depicts life with that indefinable nostalgia that only the Portuguese know how to express with an untranslatable word 'saudade' which evokes sadness, nostalgia, regret and melancholy, the painful distance that we may establish with ourselves. "- Bernard-Marie Dupont

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