Thursday, September 26, 2013

Italian Photographer: MATTEO SETZU

Matteo Setzu was born  on Jan 25,1977, in Cagliari. His love for photography dates back to his childhood, camera was his favourite toy. After his higher education he moved to Spain where he lived for 7 years. His interest in photography raised because every time he came back to Sardinia on holiday he wanted to capture the moments of tradition in his island to take them with him to Spain. He became famous thanks to the web where he began to publish his photos. He is well known as " the photographer of  the Carnivals". The subjects of his photos are mainly Sardinian traditions and local festivals.
He had an important experience in Portugal: a photo feature during the Holy Week  in Idanha-a-Nova district and at  "VI Festival de la Mascara Iberica" ( the 6st Festival of Iberian Mask). He also cooperates to some Sardinia websites.
Below this description you can find more information and you can either look at his photos

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